extended stay hotel cleburne txYou’ve seen the TV commercials.
They advertise that if you book your hotel room through them [insert online travel agency of choice], you’ll save so much money! Not true!

When shopping online for the best hotel deal, rest assured you will always find the best and lowest rate for Best Way Inn Cleburne, TX by booking directly with us.

Booking DIRECT means:

A) Booking through our secure online reservations portal.

B) Want the best deal on weekly and extended stay rates? Call us directly! (817) 774-2452


  • Guaranteed better, lower rates compared to online travel agency rates for this hotel
  • No Hidden Fees, ever!
  • The right to pay when you stay, not a moment before
  • The right to set personal preferences and make your stay more comfortable
  • We are always here for you. The same folks taking care of you at check-in can change your reservation at ease and fulfill any of your requests prior to arrival.


MYTH: Booking through an online travel agency means my reservation is more secure.

TRUTH: Our reservation engine is secured and managed by a professional organization with decades of experience in online hotel bookings. You’ll notice the LOCK BOX appearing in your browser’s URL window when you approach the stage of the reservation where you are about to begin entering your personal data. This lock box icon indicates a secure information portal. It’s also how you know your information is secure.

MYTH: I can get cheaper rooms through an online travel agency.

TRUTH: We can only speak for the Best Way Inn. In our case, you will never find an online rate more affordable for the Best Way Inn Cleburne, TX than through our official reservation website. Do some quick research and find out for yourself!

best rates. ALWAYS. guaranteed.

Did you know?

Using an online travel agency results in a waste of your hard earned dollars.
Why not book direct and save money?

Call us direct or book online through bestwayinncleburne.com

for the BEST deal for you and your budget. (817) 774-2452

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